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Thank YOU!

Saddle Up LA Group Thank you - 2017

On behalf of the Life Group LA, and myself personally I am moved beyond words to have felt over the last few months the love and support from the community. Saturday it all came together for us and for those who we serve; the people living with HIV, those who love them and the people who want to remain HIV negative. Our dynamic POZ Life Weekend Seminars jam packed with education and emotional support can continue to be available free of charge, where ever we go.

It was indeed an afternoon of making new friends, developing new relationships… and well… maybe a love connection or two also, just an added bit of unexpected icing on the cake!!

With an amazing and supportive Board of Directors, and volunteer team, our event went seamless. Here is just a partial list of the riders, volunteers & event sponsors to whom I am indebted to for your unwavering support to insure our event was successful! It takes MORE than a village… it takes the world!

Shout out to Kym Herjavec & BP Major for leading us as honorary Trail Guides, and to Viktor, Gonzalez & Valentina for the Riderless Horse in memory of those we have lost to HIV/AID and who rode with us in sprit.

Much Love ALWAYS

Welcome Friends

Upcoming Events

In Los Angeles, there are over 60,000 people living with HIV or AIDS. Despite medical advances and the promising new drug treatment options that are extending the lives of many persons impacted by HIV/AIDS, the AIDS epidemic is not over.

New issues and challenges have arisen for people living with HIV/AIDS. Issues of drug treatment failure (when the medication stops working), joining a clinical trial, disclosing an HIV diagnosis, HIV employment and housing discrimination, and coping with side effects are just some of the challenges facing persons living with HIV/AIDS today. In addition, under-served and difficult to reach populations such as women, minorities and persons living in alcohol and addiction recovery institutions pose unique challenges in dealing with HIV/AIDS.

The POZ Life Weekend Seminar

The POZ Life Weekend Seminar is an educational series of workshops that deal with living effectively with HIV/AIDS. The seminar is designed for individuals whom are newly infected, long term survivors, (living with HIV ten years or more), significant others and HIV healthcare providers. Topics include but are not limited to: HIV Drug Treatment Options, Insurance and Public Benefits, Stress Management, Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Gynecological Manifestations of HIV, (for women) Nutrition, Medication Adherence, Recreational Drug Use, Clinical Trials, Relationships, Goal Setting, Managing Side Effects and HIV Disclosure.

The POZ Life Weekend Seminar is conducted 4 times a year in various venues countywide currently by staff, volunteers, medical doctors, nurses, benefits counselors, attorneys, nutritionists, researchers, peer advocates and peer support group facilitators. The weekend is usually conducted over the course of a Friday evening (4 hours) and Saturday & Sunday: (8 hours each day) in a safe, non-judgmental environment. There is no charge to the participants for the weekend. Lunches, snacks and beverages are provided, and some childcare may be available with advanced notice.

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Ralph’s Community ProgramWe will now get points (Which equal $$$) each time one of our supporters swipe’s their Ralph’s card or enters their phone number!!!!

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What our participants are saying:

"It's been 3 weeks since the workshop and I can not tell you how much I appreciate what I walked away with.

My life has changed in so many ways, my friends and family now want to go to the workshop. My outlook on life has changed from a stormy sky to a bright warn sunshine day.

Thank you to all the volunteers, you made me feel so welcome, you helped lift my fears, encouraged me to be proactive and gave me the resources to make it all come together.

Sunnie, if it were not for your persistence and passion and loving ways, I may not have even had the courage to leave my house Friday night.

One day, I will come back and train to be a volunteer too."

— JK      

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